This Week in Hunting

This is the start of what we hope will be a weekly blog post, where we take a few minutes to recap the previous week in hunting news. We are based here in Michigan, so we might slant a bit that way, but we are going to do our best to cover things on a nation wide scale. Without further ado…

Bobcat hunting proposal draws strong response – New Hampshire

You don’t usually hear about local wildlife management on the campaign trail, but Chris Christie did this week while campaigning in New Hampshire. Local officials want to institute the state’s first bobcat hunt in 20 years, and one plucky voter brought it up during a town hall.


Tune in for new Maryland Hunting Rules – Maryland

One thing we all need to do as hunters and conservationists is keep our head on a swivel when it comes to new hunting and fishing regulations and rules. Maryland hunters are dealing with that right now. This is a big reason we highly recommend that you join your local or state wide sportsmans and conservation groups, so you can have a say in the way your wild life is managed. Here in Michigan, you can join Michigan United Conservation Clubs right here.


Growing Number of Female Hunters Spurs Legislation – Colorado

Do women care about the color pink? I don’t know, I’m a dude, and blaze orange is alright with me. In Colorado though, with the increase in female hunters, they are taking a good hard look at legalizing bright pink to go along with blaze orange. Uhhh, sure?

There you go. A few quick snippets from around the world of hunting. We didn’t even need our new 10×50 Binoculars to hunt these down for you.