Over the past century, America has undergone some dramatic changes and changes in direction. Here are ten great videos of people who saw what was coming around the bend. Some of them are still around today, campaigning for truth, justice and liberty. I hope you find this educational.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul criticizes Clinton’s foreign policy and predicts more terrorist attacks against the U.S. in 1998. I also wrote a post recently that was ten great Ron Paul videos¬†and why he is the only logical choice for America.

Dwight Eisenhower

Eisenhower speaks in 1961 about the “new world order”.

Robert Welch

Robert Welchmakes stunning predictions in 1958 about dramatic changes to come in our government and society.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan warns against socialized medicine in 1961.

1950s cartoon

A very amusing 50 year old cartoon reveals socialism for what it really is and demonstrates what a terrifying threat it poses to our way of life.

Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente predicts our current recession before it happens. He is the director of the Trends Research Institute and has a very strong record of predicting events and changes in America on his forecasts page.

Gerald Celente 2

Another interesting video from Gerald Celente about predictions for 2011. He makes a few interesting predictions that hit pretty close to the mark, in particular his prediction about the price of gold.

Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman speaks out about the direction our government and the Federal Reserve are taking us. Highly informative from a well respected authority on the state and condition of our political system.

Porter Stansberry

Porter Stansberry explains the research he has done and lays out with great care his credible predictions and warnings for the dangers America faces if things remain unchanged.

Aaron Russo

One of my personal favorite political activists and champions of the Constitution and personal liberty, Aaron Russo, gives a lengthy interview shortly before he died of cancer. In the interview he divulged lots of detailed and shocking information about the underlying objectives of the Federal Reserve and the world banks as well as some convincing arguments about the truth behind 9/11. This one is long but definitely worth the time.