During the winter months its extremely difficult to work on projects I have that involve being in my garage. I’ve been looking for an affordable way to turn my uninsulated cold workspace into a warm place I can work on projects in the dead of winter. I believe I have found the solution to this problem. I found a kit online that will allow you to make your own wood stove out of a steel 55 or 30 gal drum. This kit includes a flange for attaching the chimney pipe as well as cast iron legs and a door. I have yet to attempt this project but I have read many reviews online that claim its an extremely easy kit to install. Also it is said that this type of stove will heat up a work area extremely quick. The biggest thing to remember is make sure you have enough clearance around a stove of this type. The barrels can heat up until they turn a cherry red if you keep feeding wood into them which could easily start a fire. As I continue with this project I will post pictures of the process as well as a short how to as I go along. I will report back on the final outcome and also talk about how it actually works. Keep checking back for these upcoming posts. Until then get ready, Winter is coming!!!!