Well, it seems the worst winter in recent memory is over and we are coming out of hibernation here in The Wild North. Folks seemed to suffer this winter in equal fashion all over the country, but up here, it was especially bad. Record snow falls, record low temperatures equals a lot of wood burnt and a lot of extra work. With spring comes new growth, and The Wild North will be experiencing a ton of that.

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New look for The Wild North!

We have many new things in store for The Wild North. Bringing you great content regarding hunting, fishing, camping, politics, etc., is our top priority. You may have noticed a redesign around here, as The Wild North obviously needed an update. We will be doing our best to review products, show you the very best of hound hunting, and making sure you are prepared to survive in The Wild North. You’ll notice new topics as we add writers and as our interests change. You’ll see a bit more lean towards the tactical side of gun ownership, along with a bit of 3 gun activity as well.

We have a few big things in the works as well. Some big changes for The Wild North that we hope will benefit our readers in a multitude of ways. We’ve always wanted The Wild North to be your go to source for gardening, hunting, politics, and anything else associated with living free, and soon we hope to be able to provide you with more resources to assist in the lifestyle we have come to know and love.
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