wolf in scope

Just thought I would share some good news that we recently got here in Michigan. Starting this fall there will be a limited wolf hunt in the Upper Peninsula. The DNR is issuing 1200 tags over the counter on a first come first serve basis with a target harvest of 43 animals. Once the target number is reached the hunt will be closed. Us here at the wild north love to spend our time in the Upper Peninsula following a pack of hounds through the woods. Unfortunately the last 3 years we haven’t been able to hunt in a spot that our group has hunted for well over 30 years. A good friend of our has lost 3 bear dogs to wolves in the last 2 years. If you haven’t seen firsthand the carnage that these animals bring please do some research before you start crying to save the wolves. This hunt is great news for hunters that travel to the UP to hunt and even better news for permanent residents. Happy Hunting!!!

wolf killing elk