I’m assuming i’m right when I say any home owner wants to increase the value of their home. I know that holds true for my wife and I. The best way to increase the value of your home is through home improvement projects. We have owned a house for a little over 3 years now and have finally finished renovating every room. Although new paint and flooring is a big plus, our most recent project was the most expensive but will also increase our homes value the most. Unfortunately we aren’t extremely wealthy so we had to remodel on a budget. We shopped for the best deals on materials and did the work ourselves (with the help of some family members) to save on the cost of a contractor. Here are some pictures as well as a few paragraphs on what we did.

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Any major home improvement project starts with demolition. We ripped out the old tub, toilet, vanity, floor, and even a wall separating our bathroom and laundry room. Our old bathroom consisted of old pink tile and carpet which were also removed. We discovered that the sub floor under the carpet had become rotten due to years of water on the carpet. We ripped out all the rotted wood and replaced the sub floor with 3/4″ treated plywood.  The old ceiling was about 9 foot tall and uneven so we framed in a new ceiling at 8 foot which made it easier to drywall and finish the electrical for the lights. We put in new drywall all around, put down new flooring (Allure flooring from the home depot), new bath tub and shower, new toilet, and a new vanity. After knocking down the wall between our small laundry room and small bathroom we had a large bathroom with room for our washer and dryer. To help with looks and functionality a shelf was added above the washer and dryer.



Of course this is a very simplified summary of the work that was done but you get the general idea. We added some finishing touches like dark trim and stained bead board around the bottom. From start to finish took us about 2 weeks. We are very happy with the finished product and the best part is, if we wish to sell our home in the future, this will help increase the value. If you have any questions on everything we did or how we did it please let us know.

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