2 Feet of Snow overnight? No problem!!!

They’ve been called an ATV, a quad, or a four wheeler but regardless of what you call them it is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast. What makes an ATV a must have vehicle? I can answer this question with one simple word, Versatility. A four wheeler is on of the most versatile vehicles out there today and can do everything from plowing your driveway, to tilling your garden, to riding miles and miles on back country trails. The four wheeler i’m going to talk about today I have owned for about a year and a half. I own a 2004 Yamaha grizzly 660 that is in excellent condition. This four wheeler does it all for me. In the winter months I use it to plow snow. Once summer hits I use it to go for rides with friends, haul fire wood out of spots that you can’t get a truck to, and I use it to take my hunting dogs out and get them exercise running behind the quad. I will go through some of the features that are on this machine. First is push button 4 wheel drive that’s conveniently located right next to the thumb throttle. This engages right away and gives you instant access when you come across some mud while on the trail. The other feature that goes along with this is another button that becomes available after the 4 wheel drive is engaged. This button locks the differential and makes all 4 tires spin at the same time in case you get into some heavy mud or are hauling a monster buck out of the woods. Going along the same theme my quad is also equipped with a wench on the front that can pull you out of the mud and also is used to raise and lower the plow in the winter. Another awesome feature of this four wheeler is all the accessories that are with it. The windshield is great for cold rides and it also has heated hand grips. The back rack extension is able to hold four 5-gal buckets which is great if your an ice fisherman. The one up seat attached on the back rack also comes with a bunch of extra pockets for storage on a long ride or hunting trip. In one of these pockets I always carry a 12V air pump in case of a flat. The 12V plug in for it is located on the front right fender of the ATV. On the front rack is an aftermarket gun holder where you can strap on a cased rifle during a hunting trip. I also have a side gun scabbard for it but it’s not shown in the pictures. The last two accessories are the front bumper and brush guard along with the after market tires. The 660 has very good low end power (especially in low range with the differential locked) and has a top speed of around 55-60 MPH. All of these accessories combined with the power and reliability of a grizzly makes for one mean machine. I have enjoyed hours of fun on it as well as gotten a ton of work done. If you don’t have an ATV I would suggest looking into it as soon as possible. It will provide you with a reliable work partner as well as an all season toy to ride. If you already have one, what do you have and why do you like your machine?