A DIY Approach to Fishing

someone caught a fishIt has been a little bit longer than I can stand since I was able to take the ol’ tackle box out to the lake and catch some dinner. Life just gets full of other priorities and I often find myself dying a little inside as I stare out the window on a beautiful day and chew on a hastily assembled, store-bought fish sandwich. It just isn’t right.

But summer is just around the corner and I have every intention of renewing my relationship with my boat and fishing reel. The separation has been awful for me.

So, in honor of the fast approaching fishing season, I am putting together a few fishing tips for those who want to try and get the most out of your precious time on the water.

Make Your Own Fishing Lures

The number one thing I can recommend to those who want to not only maximize their results but improve the quality of their experience as well is to make your own lures. Nothing has changed my fishing attitude and performance like making my own lures. Once you begin really spending time on the water, you learn things. You learn when the fish bite. You learn what the fish bite. You learn how fast and how hard to reel and how long to wait. When you begin customizing your lures, all of this information becomes more meaningful. You learn what subtle changes in your bait can mean the difference between hauling in a beautiful trout or a mess of seaweed.

Know Your Target Fish

In my experience, when several people go out fishing, the one who brings home the biggest catch isn’t the person with the fanciest boat and tackle box or the person with the lucky rabbits foot or even the person with the most experience. Hands down every time, the person who succeeds where others fail is the person who knows the fish.

Now I don’t mean you need to go meet up with the fish at a local bar and become best buddies. What I mean is learn the species. Are you after trout or bass? Catfish or salmon? What does this species typically feed upon? When are its breeding seasons? What are its nesting habits? How deep does it like to dive?

Questions like this go on and on and many of these may seem like no-brainers and/or meaningless tidbits. But again, I assure you, the winners of every fishing competition I have ever known were the people who could rattle off this information as if they were born knowing it.

Beware of the Weatherstanding in the water fishing

Many fishing aficionados insist on certain weather conditions being prime. All I can say is, in order to get the results you want, you have to work in conditions that work for YOU. This means, even if cousin Larry says that 3am during a thunderstorm is when the fish practically jump into your boat, if you don’t feel comfortable in those conditions then you need to pass. To really get good results you need to be involved and in tune with what is going on and the wrong conditions can often be enough to distract you and throw you off your game.

Well, I hope you find some of these tips useful. We have lots more we could cover so if you like this let us know and we will produce more. Also feel free to share your own fishing tips.