Nothing Gold Can stay…


UPDATE: I know many of you enjoyed one of my first posts here, this one about buying gold. I found another article and ebook here that I would highly recommend. If you are going to buy gold, BUY GOLD. Don’t buy gold certificates or anything less than gold in hand.


We here at The Wild North have an obvious focus on the great outdoors. It’s an essential part of what “the north” is about. But that’s far from everything we had intended to cover with the choosing of the name. The Wild North is so much more than that. In essence, it boils down to freedom. We enjoy freedom. Freedom is popular. That’s the main focus of the Wild North. Whether we convey that through firearm reviews, or tales of the great outdoors, or exploring how to best raise cucumbers, or investing in gold,  freedom is the ultimate goal.


I, especially, tend to focus on that. While I enjoy the great outdoors, and indulge in it at every opportunity, let’s talk about something else. Freedom! And a key aspect of that is the freedom to handle transactions in whatever manner we choose. Gold, silver, bartering one good for another, those are things that can’t be taxed, and hence, are subject to government scrutiny. But these are all things that should be at the forefront of not only your attention, but any future investment strategies.


You don’t have to be an investment banker to keep a close eye on the news, political trends, and more importantly, the economic crisis gripping the world. Debt is the new trend amongst every government known to man, and with that comes fiscal policies that spawn more debt. That trickles down to me and you in the form of currency devaluation and inflation.  There are more factors at play here, than I could begin to describe in a simple blog post, so I’ll stick to the financial policies of this country.

Let’s look at the value of the dollar since the Federal Reserve was handed the keys to our economy.


Quite the downward trend there. And not only that, you can see the massive increase in the printing of money our government uses to try and curb the falling value of the dollar. While many will say it costs so much more for a car now than it did in 1960 because the price of manufacturing the car has gone up, that’s simply not true. The price has gone up because the value of the dollar used to buy the goods has gone down. It’s hard to wrap your mind around, especially when it’s not mentioned in any sort of mainstream media or in our daily lives. Facts like this require a conscious decision to seek them out.


Now that you can see the clear facts that the dollar is on a decline that we haven’t seen the bottom of yet, what can you do to protect your self and your family? I would say the best advice is take a look at gold and silver. These are two commodities that have held their value for the last 3,000 years. They will hold their value for the next 3,000 years. They arn’t Fiat currencies that have nothing backing them except the word of a government, such as the US Federal Reserve Note. Investing in something real, rather than letting your money rot in a savings account is a very attractive option. Not only that, but it protects you against further dollar devaluation. If you had put $1000 dollars in the bank in 1913 and left it there until today, that $1000 would be worth $3 dollars. That’s food for thought.


Take a look at the prices of gold and silver over the last ten years. I find that these graphs speak volumes more than I ever could:


Three hundred dollars an ounce 10 years ago, over $1800 an ounce now. I’m not blowing smoke up your butts here.




The historic ratio of silver to gold value is 16:1. Right now it is over 40:1. Silver prices are being artificially deflated, and it’s also a cheaper investment and protection. With an economy like this, the dollars we all have is limited. Silver is where I would advise one take a look if they are interested in protecting themselves. Keep in mind, I’m not a financial advisor. All I can do is produce facts, and you can make up your mind for yourself.

I cover a wide range of topics very briefly here, and would encourage everyone to do their own research. I hope to expand on much of what I’ve hit upon in the future, so have no fear on that account.

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