As I wrote in an earlier post I planned to make my own wood stove to heat a detached garage at my house. It was a project I was eager to undertake and approximately a month ago I was able to complete this project. Lucky for you I took pictures. The kit I ordered from Amazon was a Vogelzang Barrel Stove Kit Model #BK100E and it runs just over $50 including shipping. In my case I was fortunate enough to have some left over stove pipe as well as the insulated double walled asbestos stove pipe already up through the roof of my garage. I was also able to grab a 55 gallon barrel from work to make into the stove. This project cost me the price of the barrel stove kit and that was all. If you didn’t have these things on hand a quick search of a local scrap yard would most likely yield some results for very cheap. Once I had everything I needed I opened the kit and organized everything on my work bench. The kit was very well put together with some basic instructions and all the necessary hardware to complete the stove. The kit was all made out of cast iron and is very strong and built to last. I would highly recommend this brand of kit to anyone interested in making their own wood stove. The next step was to layout the necessary cuts on the barrel and cut the opening for the door. I used a combination of a grinder and a sawzall to accomplish this. The other tool that you need to have for this is a drill. The holes to attach all the hardware must be pre drilled and attached with nuts and bolts also provided in the kit. Once the openings are cut for the door and the damper its time to mark and drill holes to mount the legs on the barrel. The back leg can be difficult to attach but I accomplished this easier by attaching the legs before I attached the damper so I could use the damper hole to access the back of the barrel. Once everything is attached I propped the stove up on some cement block and hooked the chimney up. At this point (especially if the garage is attached to the house) I would recommend starting your first fire with the barrel placed outside the structure. This will burn of the existing paint on the barrel and prevent your building from smoking up. Once everything was hooked up I got a large fire going and the garage quickly started to warm up. The one thing I did find using this kit is the draft grates on the bottom of the door don’t provide enough draft to keep the fire going. I solved this by removing the cap from the front of the barrel which then provides more than enough air to the fire. Here is a picture of my finished product. If you have any questions on how or why I did something, or wish to critique my work, please feel free to leave a comment.