Romney and Paul United

Awesome Plan B or Dangerous Compromise?

With Iowa and New Hampshire behind us and Mitt Romney and Ron Paul looking like the only serious contenders for the Republican nomination, some talk has been given recently to a possible Romney Paul ticket. We at The Wild North heartily endorse Ron Paul and his cause for liberty and fiscal responsibility. Yet Mitt Romney has tremendous party support and the resources to compete very well against Obama this fall. The question now becomes for Ron Paul supporters whether this dream-team union would be a good or an evil. First the pros:

Romney and Paul

The Dream Team?

Why Mitt Romney and Ron Paul together would be good

If you can think of anything scarier than Obama winning for more years as Commander-in-Chief than you are either crazy or have been living in a cave for the last three years. With that in mind, it makes sense to strongly consider the Republican candidate who has the highest chance of winning in November. Currently Romney has a strong lead with Paul not too far behind. The race for third place is still up in the air with no one able to consistently gain major support. Apart from this fact, Romney and Paul together have a substantially different following. Romney has done very well with traditional Republicans and mainstream voters while Ron Paul is fairly dominant in rallying the independent vote and getting some democrats to cross the party lines. The two of them together could potentially rally a huge majority of voters and would also easily have the collective resources to run a powerful presidential campaign.

These facts make taking the White House look like a piece of cake. But there is also the cause that Ron Paul represents. His supporters are strong and have worked very hard to get his message out. Having Ron Paul in the presidential race, even if it is as a VP, would bring his ideas even more into the mainstream and help to gain more support for the cause. It stands to reason that if Ron Paul could do it, then other like-minded politicians may be able to begin competing in other political races. We may begin to see Constitution-toting politicians running for congress and state governments as these ideals grow in popularity. It may be wishful thinking but the media has ignored and brushed off Ron Paul and his radical views for years and seeing him make it to the White House could help set them straight.

Why Mitt Romney and Ron Paul together would be bad

While Romney and Paul have not aggressively attacked each other during this race for the nomination, they have not seen eye-to-eye by any means. These are not at all two like-minded men and I find it hard to believe they would be able to sit next to each other in a debate and support the other’s views and statements. Paul will assert that we should bring the troops home ASAP and Romney may choose to persist with our Middle East shenanigans. I highly doubt Paul will pat Romney on the back for the minor cuts in spending he will propose, either. Cohesiveness is not likely to be the term that defines their relationship and their lack of unity may ultimately work against them.

Mitt Romney pointing

Then you have the cause which Ron Paul has been preaching and writing about for decades. He is unwavering in his message and devout following of the founding father’s vision as laid out in the constitution. Much of Ron Paul’s reputation is built on his integrity and unwillingness to compromise. Ron Paul is not touting non-interventionism and an end to the Federal Reserve because it is popular and will get him elected. He is supporting these things because they are RIGHT. The danger in this situation is that if Ron Paul were to be Romney’s running mate then his reputation as the pure leader of liberty may be tarnished for the first time. Die-hard supporters may legitimately accuse him of selling out by supporting a candidacy that is not built on protecting personal freedoms and limiting governmental control. He may be able to bring more attention to this cause and he may be able to do more good as Vice President than as a congressman but at what cost? Will he still be seen as a leader of a noble movement or become just another ambitious politician, willing to change his views or set aside his conscience just to win votes?


We recognize that all of this may be premature speculations but it is still worth reflection. Would Mitt Romney and Ron Paul make a good team? Could they defeat Obama? Would either of them even be open to such a collaboration? We cannot say. All we can do is watch and see.Ron Paul smiling

We would very much love to hear your thoughts on the matter. What would you think about such a pair? Is there a pair that you think could do better against Obama? Let us know!