Best friends forever, Romney and Paul.

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul United?

As we all know, Republican primaries are popping up hot and heavy. With a failing economy, a dollar in decline, and both parties wanting to start World War 3 in Iran, 2012 could be the most important election this country has seen…ever. And here at the Wild North, we occasionally shift your attention from hunting to the political realm. Yes, it’s that important. And we have made no secret of who we here support.

But now, I’m going to use this platform to toss an idea at you that will blow your mind, at least for all you political junkies out there. As you know, Ron Paul has a very small chance of winning the nomination. Not only does the main stream media ignore him (which is good), but the GOP is doing their best to have anyone but Paul elected. I don’t blame them. He takes their ideas, destroys them with logic, and is completely disrupting all their plans. We all know Republicans tossed the Constitution out a long time ago (Ahem Abe Lincoln), and lord knows they would never allow someone who has actually read it to represent them as a whole. After all, God demands that we bomb Iran.

So this is a problem for the GOP. Ron Paul supporters arn’t diehard Republicans who are going to vote for whoever the nominee is. No, they support Ron Paul, and the Constitution, and will vote third party if Ron Paul isn’t the nominee. This means that unless Ron Paul is the GOP candidate, you are looking at 4 more years of Teleprompter in Chief Obama. And the only other candidate to figure this out is Mitt Romney.

Romney and Paul Ticket?

Mittens Romney is the front runner. He’s likely going to take the nomination. He is attacked by every candidate out there. Except…Ron Paul. Sure, Dr. Paul has called him a flip flopper, but that’s because Mittens is a flip flopper. Dr. Paul has mauled most of the other candidates during these debates, even putting out ads against several. Mittens Romney has done the same. Mittens has attacked everyone out there…except Dr. Paul. Mittens even complimented Dr. Paul during the debate Saturday night, as seen here: Romney bows to the master! This is unheard of! Compliments, during a debate.

So I’m just tossing a theory at you all. Romney plans on naming Paul his VP running mate. The two campaigns are making conscious efforts to not bash the other, and Mittens has figured out that without the Paul vote, the GOP loses. I have to give Romney credit here, as he is the only one who has figured out how to have any shot at beating Obama.

Mitt Romney talks with Ron Paul

Romney and Paul