{Editor’s note: This article contains graphic descriptions and pictures. Be advised.}

Regardless of what I have written in recent articles regarding wolves there are still many people out there that believe wolves need to be protected. If you are one of these people then please read this story and see if you still feel the same way. Some quick background information before I start. Buck is a good friend of ours that we bear hunt with every fall in the Upper Peninsula. This story came straight from him and in his own words because I wasn’t actually there the day it happened. Most hound hunters¬†spend thousands and thousands of hours with their hunting dogs which in turn makes them closer to you than the average pet, and Buck was no exception to this. He has been hunting that area for years and has lost dogs to bear before but this time it was different. Two of his dogs were attacked and killed by wolves while they were running a bear. This is Buck’s account of this terrible day:

This story started 4 years ago with a little female pup named Mya. She was trained to run bear and coyote. She not only was a hunting dog but also a family pet along with Train and Reno. On Saturday, September 18th, 2011 we started out on our bear hunt checking roads for tracks. Ray (another mutual friend) was riding with me when the dogs rigged a bear. We waited until the rest of our hunting party got around to where we were. We dropped Mya, Train, and Reno. They ran about 2 hours to the north, then circled back to the south, to a location where Bill was sitting tracking the dogs on his GPS. He had called on the radio saying the dogs were treeing, and that he could hear them barking. It took Ray and I a half hour to get around the section to where bill was. He said that one dog showed it was treeing on the GPS. The other dog had ran 300 yards to the west and was also treeing. So bill and I started walking to where it showed Mya was treeing and we found her dead and half eaten. I continued walking to train and found him dead also. We knew then it had to have been wolves because of the damage that was done. It was a good thing Reno had dropped out of the chase or he probably would be gone too. I took my tracking collars off my dogs and walked out of the woods. On Monday morning, Tom and I went to the DNR in Newberry to explain what happened. The DNR wolf specialist went back to the location where the dogs laid and verified that wolves had attacked the dogs. She told us in our hunting area there are 3 packs of wolves. Also around that same area a pair of beagles were killed by wolves over the winter. We were informed that more than likely it would happen again if we hunted that area. It was suggested we could move to a different area to hunt. With the number of wolves increasing, this should be a warning to all types of dog hunting, that hound hunting may become a lost sport in the UP. It would have been understandable if my dogs were killed by a bear, but its senseless that they were killed by wolves.

Miya after Buck found her killed by wolves

This is Buck’s account of that tragic day. I have personally hunted with these two dogs and know how much time and love Buck had invested in them. It truly is a shame that they were taken from him in this manner due to the irresponsible actions of many government agencies.¬†Introducing wolves back into the state after our forefathers eradicated them is truly a senseless act. Why did the government feel it was necessary to spend thousands of our tax dollars on this endevour? Why are the people behind this sitting in Washington while we man the front lines every day? Why should something that so many of us have enjoyed for centuries be ruined by the re-introduction of wolves? There are so many of these questions that just can’t be answered. Unfortunately it’s to late for Mya, Train, and the many other dogs that have been killed by wolves. When wolves are no longer frightened off by three dogs in full pursuit, how long until they are bold enough to come into our backyards, with our pets and children? It is not to late however to fight back and get the wolves removed from the endangered species list and work once again to reduce the wolf population just as our forefathers did.