Firearm deer season is officially underway in Michigan. So far this year it seems pretty slow for the most part. Personally i’ve heard of fewer bucks being taken and even fewer large bucks. One thing is for sure, it seems like the overall deer population is down from the previous year. Gradually over the last 10 years I feel like the deer population has been slowly declining. The biggest problem that I see with our deer management is that the DNR manages the deer in the Northern Lower Peninsula the same way as they do deer in southern Michigan. The deer herd on Northern Michigan is way different than that of southern Michigan. For one there are way more deer down south as well as larger bucks. The winters are less harsh and with all the farming food is plentiful. In northern Michigan things are exactly the opposite. There is less food, harsher winters, and overall way less deer. So how do we solve this problem? If I were in charge I would issue only 1 buck tag a year for hunters in Northern Michigan. The management system works in southern Michigan but needs to be changed up here but the real problem is that it will never change. As with any government organization the DNR is run by people that have one thing in mind and that is MONEY. Decreasing the number of bucks harvested would result in decreased license sales which would in turn mean less revenue. That is the main reason why the current system, even though its broken, will never change. With some luck hopefully some other hunters haveĀ been fortunate enough to harvest a deer this year. If you are one of the fortunate ones please email us some pictures and we will get it up on our website. Good luck and good hunting the rest of the year.