As I wrote in a previous post its never to early to start preparing your garden. Previously I discussed preparing your garden in the fall. Today I’m posting an update on where I am currently at with preparing my garden. Previously my garden was a huge mess of nothing but overgrown weeds and plants but as you can see now I mowed down the entire garden with the exception of the short rows of corn. The corn stalks will be to much for my mower so I need to go through by hand and remove the stalks before cutting down the rest of the weeds. It’s important in this step to keep the grass and weed clippings in your garden after mowing it. This is important because as they decompose they will provide essential nutrients for growing your garden. The next step that I will take with this project after clearing the corn and remaining weeds is to cover the area with a black plastic. This plastic will smother the weeds and grass during the winter and into the upcoming spring. This will prevent new growth as well as kill any existing growth where I want to plant. This will essentially do the same thing as using round-up or any other herbicide with the difference being that this method adds nutrients as the weeds and grass decompose. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how you like to prepare your garden please let us know at Make sure to check back for more updates on this ongoing project.