Why Ron Paul is the only person who can save America

Here are my top ten reasons why I think Ron Paul should be our next president. They are not necessarily in any order.

Most importantly to all readers, I don’t want you to take my word for it. This is why I am including a video for each point so “Dr. No” can tell you himself. Just watch and see. Then join the Revolution!

Ron Paul is awesome!

Ron Paul will save us all!

Foreign policy

No one else demonstrates such a clear, common sense and practical assessment of our position as self appointed “world police” than Dr. Paul. The first time I heard his blowback theory described in full detail I felt as though the whole mess suddenly made sense. It is very powerful and intensely logical and not at all un-American.


When it comes to the future of America, there don’t seem to be any other sensible options apart from the strong energy independence policy which Ron Paul has always supported.


Ron Paul’s stance on currency is revolutionary but makes complete sense. In fact, when you analyze how things are right now you wonder how anyone can figure it as a better system than Paul would advocate. There is no good reason why gold could not be legal currency.

Federal reserve

Audit the Fed is an awesome new catch phrase and represents a growing movement in favor of eliminating one of the chief flaws in our governmental system. The Federal Reserve is a sham and has done tremendous damage to our economy, not to mention it cannot be backed constitutionally. As stated on his website: Since the Fed’s creation in 1913 the dollar has lost more than 96% of its value. Why do we put up with this garbage?


Apart from having a brilliant foreign policy that would save our country trillions and promote respect and peace globally, Ron Paul also has a very intelligent stance on the military. On top of that he also has a lot of support from the military which is not surprising considering his position focuses on a strong defense and not world domination.


Ron Paul warms my heart on this issue. With a strong emphasis on freedom and competition Ron Paul stresses the importance of personal responsibility and personal choice. This is the only fair way to approach healthcare.

Government spending

This topic has really shot to the forefront of many political debates in recent times and is now a mainstream subject. But this has always been Ron Paul’s domain. Limit government. Control spending. Sound monetary policy. Ron Paul has been the leader of this cause since long before it was popular. He now presents a glimmer of hope that our disastrous situation can be averted and, being the naive optimist that I am, I will hold on to that hope for as long as I can.

Gun control

Ron Paul is 100% on the money here. Gun control does nothing to protect innocent Americans. The constitution is very clear on this issue and Ron Paul is the spokesperson for this fateful document. We have a right to bear arms and the government has no right to limit that.


Taxes are a really big deal in times like these with federal budget deficits being in the forefront of the media’s attention and the economy practically inactive. Ron Paul’s view on taxes is exactly what I believe. Most notably is his brilliant position on the federal income tax. The income tax is not constitutional. Ron Paul is very strong on this issue which may be the one of which the general public is the most ignorant.


Ron Paul on abortion is like cream cheese on bagels. It is just so right. Logical, uncompromising and inspiring are the qualities that exemplify the congressman from Texas and his consistent, unwavering stance on this paramount issue makes him my only choice.

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Ron Paul - Don't steal

Ron Paul is right on!