After reading logan’s recent post on home defense, I decided to add my own post on a different type of home defense. This type of home defense doesn’t have to do with people. What I’m talking about is protecting your home and property from pests. The main pest that I’ve had problems with around my house is red squirrels. These seemingly harmless creatures are anything but harmless. They seem to be able to squeeze through the smallest of openings and get into any place in which you don’t want them to get. On top of getting into the home and garage they also seem to intentionally terrorize my two guard dogs.

Last fall I waged a war against these evil little pests because they were getting into my garage and wreaking havoc on things I have in storage. After eliminating what seemed like a half million of these animals from my property I thought I had finally won the war. Well I was wrong, the remaining squirrels just got smarter but didn’t disappear. Much to the delight of my two dogs it was their effort which made it possible for me to again eliminate another pest. After they chased this guy up a tree I quickly grabbed my 12 gauge and dispatched the squirrel. The pest that had been terrorizing my dogs and getting into my garage is finally gone but now is not the time to rest. I know he has friends and they will return with the same agenda. I will be ready when they do return and make sure that you are ready too.

Our beagle on constant squirrel watch